Wednesday, 29 October 2014

More Head Shots For A Bit of Fun...


Today I was board so I grabbed my little camera and took a few pictures of my doll just to post on here. These are not the best pictures as I took them a Kodak digital camera that really is more for snap shots for the web. However, once I figure out how to use my new professional camera I will be posting new pictures with substance. Right now, I'm just sharing my doll with the world.

One thing I have noticed about this doll compared to my last one is that this one has such a presence that I never expected. I don't know if it's the fact that I ordered him differently than the one before or that I really like this one much better. In either event, I am quite happy with him but i still need to figure out a name. I hope one comes soon as he would be really nice for him to have a name...

Okay, Enjoy the new pictures. Again, I know they are not the best but I like you folks to see him and the amazing detail that was done. I truly believe that the Male Realdoll surpasses others out there no matter how much they try and say that they have 'cornered the male doll market'. Realdoll has them beat by miles and miles.

Okay, I'm off and thanks for stopping by!!!!